Thursday, December 18, 2003

Czechs Select the Gripen 

"Ministers from the junior coalition parties the Freedom Union and the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) should support the recommendation of an independent commission and vote to lease new Swedish Jas-39 Gripen supersonic fighter planes, the daily Pravo reports Tuesday.

The government is to meet on Wednesday to make a final decision. Pravo says the Gripens could already have a majority in the 17-member Cabinet.

IT Minister Vladimir Mlynar, Local Development Minister Pavel Nemec and Deputy Premier Petr Mares, all from the Freedom Union, have reportedly committed to back the commission's recommendation of the new Gripens over offers for used F-16s from the US, Belgium and the Netherlands and an offer of F/A 18s from Canada. "

Full Story

Meanwhile, the Indian Navy (apparently) prefers the Rafale over the Mig-29. Well, obviousley you WOULD pick the Rafale of the Mig-29, but thats for the gov to decide.

"The Indian Navy recently stated its preference for the French Rafale-M fighter over the MiG-29K for its new aircraft carrier, the ex-Admiral Gorshkov. Seven Rafales currently operate from the French carrier Charles de Gaulle. Originally, India had agreed to buy some of the Gorshkov’s existing complement of MiG-29K aircraft to equip the ship’s air wing. However, this deal has been bogged-down for over four years in bargaining over price and options."

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Czech's to decide on F-16 deal.. 

"NATO member the Czech Republic is set to decide on a replacement for its fleet of ageing, Soviet-built MiG-21 fighters amid intense diplomatic lobbying and mud slinging.

U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic Craig Stapleton issued a blunt warning that U.S-Czech relations would be harmed if the country goes ahead and selects a Swedish offer of JAS-39 Gripen fighters to protect its skies.

An advisory commission reviewing offers received by the government unanimously recommended a Swedish offer for JAS-39 Gripens earlier this month. However, the US would like those countries offering the Czech Republic US-made F-16 fighter planes to have the chance to renegotiate the price of their offer. "

F-16 Net-News

Everyone seems to have gone into mass upgrading of their Air Forces. I.E, the Chinese, as Wilbur noted on his blog, looks more modern now with the enetering of service of Su-27, Su-30's, J-10 and soon the J-XX, F-7 and FC-1/Super 7 makes the PLAAF look an ever increasing, menacing force.


"The revelation came after the plane, known as "Shanying" in Chinese , made its maiden flight in the southwestern province of Guizhou at the weekend.

According to Wu Hailing from the China Aviation Industry Corp I (AVIC I), mass production of the plane will begin in 2005 to satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

"Shanying"s excellent maneuverability , advantageous price, plus its flexibility to cater to customer requirements will make it very competitive internationally, said Wu, director of the Military Aircraft Development Department of AVIC I.

"Shanying" can be used to train pilots before they take to both second and third-generation fighters,'' he said. "Apart from training members of the Chinese air force, it can serve developing countries, including those who have imported Chinese-made fighters.''

The backer of China's fighter-pilot trainer -- the "Mountain Eagle" -- is looking to get the machine flying both in Chinese and foreign skies, a military aviation official said yesterday in the national capital. "

China News Daily

Screenshots from the Falklands sim. 

Can be found HERE.

I am definately looking foward to this release!!

New Falklands Sim. 

Looks Promising

Thunder Works

"What this project is about

Jet Thunder (working title) is a project to create a realistic flight simulator based in the air war in the South Atlantic, in 1982 - the Falklands/Malvinas conflict. It's being developed by a group of military aviation enthusiasts, mainly based in South America. As we're getting organized as a development studio, under the name Thunderworks, more info on ourselves and our goals will be available online, in an institutional website that will follow soon at this same webspace.

Developing a realistic flight simulator is a very difficult job, requiring an enormous amount of expertise in different areas, from realtime 3D computing to physics knowledge and artistic skills. Of all game* genres, possibly the combat flight sims are in the top as the most complex to develop, and with really long development circles. And they're expensive to develop, too. That's why we see so few flight sim developers around, and realistic jet combat sims are even more of a rarity. But, for us, it was a nice surprise to see the huge amount of interest that our project generated, we already received a lot of emails (through the old, temporary page that was online here), and periodically, we see topics in different flight sim forums around commenting or informing other players about our project. I must thank all the flight simming community for the interest demonstrated, and we'll work hard to meet the expectatives."

Just to let you know. 

No comment from me here.


Just thought people would like to know.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Happy Holidays. 

Hope everyone out there in Blogland has a great holidays, and stay safe :)

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Some F-16 News. 

"The first eight of the F-16 E/F Block 60 fighter jets custom developed for the Emirates will be delivered to the Gulf country next year. The Emirates signed a contract with the defense giant in 2000 to acquire 80 F-16s with particular requirements.

The deal with Lockheed cost the Emirates US$6.4 billion, plus more than US$1 billion it will pay to the U.S. government for ammunition to support the fighter.

According to Del Spann, deputy program director of the F-16 Block 60, three of the aircraft will be turned over to the Emirates in April at the Lockheed Martins headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, and five will be brought to the Emirates by the end of next year. While developed to the Emirates' requirements, the plane can be sold to other countries."

F-16 Net

Qatar could also aquire F-16's...

F-117 to get new scheme, while a fool gets rescued. 

"We use the (F-117) for everything from new tactics development
to the evaluation of new software or hardware," said Maj. Tre Urso,
a Det. 1 pilot. "Det. 1 has been involved in all the F-117
modifications and upgrades over the years. Now we want to evaluate
the feasibility of using the F-117 during daylight operations."
Air Force leaders will approve additional jets for the gray
scheme only if the test results show the change is warranted,
Rogers said. Whether or not the rest of the jets are painted, this
project is worth the time and effort spent on completing it, Urso


Bloody Fool
Jon Johanson was to have flown out of McMurdo-Scott Base in Antarctica Saturday after becoming the first pilot ever to fly an experimental single-engine aircraft over the South Pole. Now, Johanson is at the center of a controversy between Australia and its two closest allies -- New Zealand and the US. Officials from New Zealand and the United States see Johanson's attempt as a huge imposition and have refused to sell him the fuel he needs to get home. Hence, Johanson has been stranded.

The Story

When he asked the New Zealanders and Americans if they would be able to supply him with fuel if he got stranded, America said no and NZ did'nt reply.
Who encouraged this raving lunatic?

Friday, December 12, 2003

Thales open to joint project on French carrier 

"THALES, the French defence company, said yesterday that Paris should look seriously at building its new aircraft carrier in co-operation with Britain.

Such a move, helping to cement European defence co-operation, would bring work to Britain and might also help the UK Government to cut the cost of its own carrier programme.

Thales, one third owned by the French Government, is working with Britain’s BAE Systems to build two carriers for the UK, a deal initially worth about £3 billion. "

Story-Keypublishing Forums

Oh Dear... 

"Two Belgian F-16s collided in mid-air during a Forward Air Controler exercise, killing one of the pilots. They crashed into the ground in the wooded area of Marche-en-Famenne in the Belgian Ardennes. "

SALUTE to Lieutenant-Colonel Ronny Vaerten. My prayers are with your family and friends.

Monday, December 08, 2003

A-16 Close Air Support 

Now THIS is very interesting indeed.

"In the 1980s, the USAF started setting aside F-16s for the planned A-16 modification, a dedicated close air support version of the F-16. In 1989, the designation Block 60 was reserved for the A-16. The A-16 Block 60 was to be equipped with a 30 mm cannon and provided with a strengthened wing structure for anti-tank weapons such as 7.62 mm min pods. This project failed because the 30 mm gun would heat up and senge the inner components of the left fuselage."

F-16 Net

More upgrades!! And a new deal! 

"The Commonwealth and the Australian Submarine Corporation have today signed a contract worth up to $3.5 billion over 25 years to refit the Collins class submarines.

The contract was signed at a special ceremony in Adelaide attended by Defence Minister Robert Hill and the Minister for Finance and Administration, Nick Minchin.

The contract will build on the remarkable achievements made by Australian industry during the construction of the Collins Class, which are widely regarded as the most capable conventional submarines of their kind in the world. "

Department of Defence.

MAJOR deal.

Australia to join the Missile Defence System.

"For some, it's 'Son of Star Wars', for others the project to hit a speeding bullet with another bullet, but whatever you choose to call it, Australia signed up today to America's missile defence plans. Our defence scientists are to join the United States in trying to create a system to shoot down ballistic missiles. Various US estimates put the cost at anything from $30 billion upwards. But the Federal Government says Australia's initial role and costs will be modest. The joint Australia-US intelligence facility at Pine Gap in the Northern Territory and Australia's over-the-horizon radar expertise will contribute to the research. The Defence Minister, Robert Hill, spoke to Graeme Dobell."

But of course..

"Australian missile defence plan may cause regional uncertainty: Indonesia "

"Australia's decision to take part in the controversial US program to develop a missile defence shield could create uncertainty in the region, Indonesia's foreign ministry said on Friday.

Spokesman Marty Natalegawa said Jakarta's view at present was that "these things offer more uncertainties and potential complications rather than solutions"."

Read Here.


Arms race fear over 'star wars'
"Australia's plan to join the United States missile defence shield has raised strong objections from China, which believes the plan could spark a new arms race.

Diplomatic sources confirmed that Beijing was upset by the plans when briefed privately by Australia's ambassador Alan Thomas. China is also concerned the shield could be used to protect Taiwan.

China's concerns were echoed yesterday by Indonesia, which urged Australia not to try to isolate itself from the region. "Our view has always been research into such a system opens the potential for a new round of arms race, it could be potentially destabilising," government spokesman Marty Natelgawa said."

Read Here.

Indonesia is to buy some warships, too.
"Indonesia is negotiating the possible purchase of four warships from the Netherlands, its navy chief said on Friday."

First flight of the F-16 Block 60 

"The newest, most advanced Lockheed Martin F-16 completed a successful first flight on Saturday.The aircraft is the first of the Block 60 line, which has been designated the F-16E/F version. It is the first of 80 F-16E/F Block 60 aircraft being produced for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under an order placed in early 2000."

F-16 Net

More here...

"The F-16E/F resembles earlier F-16 aircraft in appearance only.
Internally, the Block 60 has an all-new cockpit that features
all-digital instruments and three 5x7-inch color displays. It is
powered by a General Electric F110-GE-132 engine that produces
32,500 pounds of thrust. Additionally, the F-16E/F features a new
avionics suite with highlights including a revolutionary Electronic
Warfare (EW) system, the new APG-80 Agile Beam Radar (ABR) and a
new Integrated FLIR Targeting System (IFTS), all provided by
Northrop Grumman."

Leuchars Tornado in 200mph crash-landing
"AN RAF crew were forced to land a Tornado fighter jet without any wheels at a speed approaching 200 mph at Leuchars last night after a mid-air scare during a training exercise."

Sunday, December 07, 2003


The A-10A for Strike Fighters:Project 1 is now available for download.

SimHQ thread.

Friday, December 05, 2003


odd looking aircraft...

"The F-26 STALMA (Short Takeoff Advanced Light Multi-role Aircraft) is an advanced, sixth generation multi-role fighter suitable for Direct Commercial Sales to U.S. and NATO/allies. Designed to replace F-16C and F/A-18C/E combat aircraft in U.S. and NATO air arms, the F-26 is a single seat, single engine, high performance weapon system incorporating variable geometry, supercruise, pitch/yaw thrust vectoring, integrated avionics, enhanced agility and low observability characteristics. Conceived for maximum performance and combat capability, the F-26 is designed for all-weather, supersonic operation at both low and high altitudes. Optimized for air-to-air interception, combat air patrol, air dominance, close-in air-to-air engagements ('dogfight'), carrier air defense, anti-shipping strike, wild weasel/anti-radiation strike, all weather precision attack, interdiction, battlefield close air support, suppression of enemy air defenses, tactical reconnaissance, conventional bombing and tactical nuclear penetration, the F-26 STALMA will counter threats to US and NATO allied air superiority."

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Gorshkov deal finalized 

" "We have successfully concluded the price neogtiations and the deal had been put forward to Government for investment decision as a composite package along with MiG-29K," Singh addressing a news conference said."

Read it here.

Also from that site, the Saudi's have accepted a new tactical trainer.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Russia defense price. 

"The Russian Armed Forces will get 412 billion rubles ($13.7 billion) or 20 percent of the entire budget according to the draft 2004 of federal budget recently approved by the State Duma, which is 67 million rubles ($2.2 million) more than the 2003 figure.

However defense industry experts are unhappy, believing that an insufficient level of financing leads to insufficient professionalism in the army. At a recent top-brass conference Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov severely criticized Colonel-General Vladimir Mikhailov, commander of the Russian Air Force, for there have been eight fatal air crashes this year.

A Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber crashed near Saratov this September, two Mi-24 helicopter gun ships collided in Primorye during large-scale military drills in August and a MiG-29 Fulcrum air-superiority fighter recently crashed in the Armenian mountains. Ivanov blamed pilot errors and mistakes made during servicing for seven out of the eight crashes. Any military expert understands that all these faults are the direct consequence of inadequate professionalism on the part of engineers, technicians and pilots alike."

Vladivostok News

"In 1972, airmen confronted possibility of having to shoot down a hijacked airplane" 

"On that dreary day in 1972, a military controller was ordering the Air National Guard captain to get ready to destroy a hijacked DC-9 airliner filled with Americans."

Very interesting story on some American pilots who were going to shoot down a hijacked plane.


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